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Amplifier questions that confuse customers

Consumers always ask which amplifiers they should use with their speakers. Is the Omega AV-9713R Amplifier too powerful for my average speakers or will my big speakers be suitable for my amplifier?
This amplifier issue seems to be the one that causes the most (needless) concern. Amplifier power capacity is a simple technical matter, and not at all about the sizes. But it’s unlikely that there is a perfect correlation between amplifier power and sound quality. So let’s just look at amplifier power rating.

Typical questions that you ask daily:

You ask: “Can I use a really powerful amplifier with my speakers? For example, can I use a 250W amplifier with my Compact 7s?”

My answer: It doesn’t matter if the amplifier is rated at 50W or 250W or even 2500W. What matters is how you use the available power.

The other question we are frequently asked at Omega SA is the minimum recommended power for an amplifier. This question is a little more complex that the ‘too big?’ question. When I say smaller amplifier or bigger amplifier I don’t mean the size of the case, I mean only the power output rating of the amp. The case size is irrelevant: the circuitry may only occupy a small part of the inside. You cannot judge the power rating of an amplifier by the size of the case! Marketing people are smart enough to disguise small amplifier circuits in big cases! You have to check the specification. It will say something like “Power rating …. 75W into 8 ohms continuously per channel!

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