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Omega Amplifiers are the powerhouse of your hi-fi system, and whether you want a stripped-out minimalist design or one with all the bells and whistles, Omega offers the best on the market.
Amplifiers are the heart of your hi-fi system; the engine that drives your music from source to speakers, and amplifies the signal so it sounds loud and proud.

For years OMEGA has had a collection of exquisite audio-visual components designed, developed, and manufactured to give you the ultimate in listening and viewing pleasure. There’s more emotion, more exhilaration, and more inspiration than with other brands. HD audio quality ensures the ultimate in listening pleasure, while the latest HDMI standard provides spectacular 3D video support.

OMEGA’s line of power AMPLIFIERS are surprisingly inexpensive. Whether you are looking for an amplifier for your hi-fi system or home theater system, we have the amp for you. Many of our amplifiers have the ability to run off a regular 12v battery so you don’t even have to plug into the mains. Perfect for outdoor events or keeping the party going during loadshedding!

Omega Amplifiers are arguably the most entertaining affordable amps around. They boast agility and a wicked sense of rhythm, with insight and a precise handling of rhythms that’s hard to better even at double the price.

Omega Professional Amplifiers boost sound system power significantly. Our Amplifiers come in different sleek designs, different sizes and super cool colors.

The OMEGA Amplifiers create every audiophile’s sound utopia



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