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Irons (Steam & Dry) – found at Omega SA

omega iron

Omega Iron

OMEGA is the world class producer of electronics and home appliances with well-researched and tested products. We have dry & steam irons with a lasting quality that you can trust.

Omega steam and dry irons have a stainless steel soleplate effortlessly glides over fabrics, cutting down on ironing time.

To get that crisp, pressed look, you don’t need to drop a bundle on an iron. Manufacturers are offering drudgery-cutting features like digital displays, retractable cords, and drip-free steaming.

The feature variable temperature and steam settings that have a continuous shot of steam that allows you to steam iron your curtains or clothes while they’re hanging.

Buy our vast range of first-class product at an affordable price.

We provide ‘hassle-free maintenance’ and an ability of removing creases.

To buy or see more OMEGA Irons please click here or click the see catalogue link below

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