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Radio & Mp3 Players

Radio & Mp3 Players at Omega include lighting system that changes at every beat. The battery power is very efficient.

This is a great radio for those on the GO! The radio comes with an easy to carry handle and it’s quite light weight, you can either use batteries or plug in the power to save batteries. Packed with Xtra Bass sound. Via vibration, clear alt & pur woof are delivered; unique design enables perfect tone-performance.

We have many ways for you to enjoy favorite music like iPhone, portable speakers with playback function, FM radio tuner, Bluetooth function and many more trendy features in our Radio & Mp3 Players.

Omega offers a vast range of Radio & Mp3 Players that will be suit your individual needs. They are very portable and can be taken on any road trip and easily fit into a travel bag.

The Packaging details include, but not limited to; an Aux cable, English User Guide Manual, USB charging cable

Some of the Radio & Mp3 Players support speakerphone and includes built-in microphone suitable to have an indoor party. The quality of sound is remarkable for their sizes.


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