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At OMEGA SA, we guarantee maximum quality from raw material to complete solar systems. In our panel testing laboratories, products and materials undergo intensive testing processes and procedures. Not only are the Solar Products high quality but they are also available at a very competitive price.
OMEGA SA the leading manufacturer and distributor of Solar Panels and Solar Lighting Kits to retailers throughout South Africa. OMEGA SA is home of the largest selection of consumer solar products. OMEGA SA offers a wide portfolio of solar products range from 12 watts to 150 watts. This extensive solar range is suitable for the smallest residential home to portable Solar Lighting Kits which are great for outdoor or camping


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OMEGA SA has simplified Solar Products for residential, light commercial and outdoor usage. The Solar Products were designed to create a sustainable future for you and your family in your own home. OMEGA Solar Products can last a long time, anywhere from 10-25 years. When embedded on buildings they can have the lowest environmental impact of any electricity generating device

The Solar Products are proudly Made in CHINA